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Why do I need to service my bicycle? Your Complete Guide

Updated: Mar 20

After a few months of riding around or storage, bikes tend to start making weird noises and feel a little different.

This is your bike crying for help!

If left unattended, these weird noises could be the end for your bike.

A mountain bike inside Supatan Bikes Co. Workshop
A Trek MTB post service

Here's our take, as experienced mechanics, on why a bicycle service is more than just a 'nice-to-have.'

Safety First, Always

Many of our clients roll into shop unknowingly having worn-out parts like brake pads, chains, and cables, often unaware that they're compromising their safety. Worn parts can leave you stranded, or worse, lead to an accident. At Supatan Bikes Co., we prevent these scenarios, ensuring you can focus solely on the joy of riding.

Check out these worn out pads on a customer's bike:

A worn out shimano disc brake pad next to a brand new one.
New Brake Pad vs VERY Worn-Out Brake Pad

Here's another pad where a client had no idea it was worn out:

V Brake Pad that has worn out to the metal

Above, you can see a silver line on the actual brake pads. This is metal. It is what holds the pads together. Once all the pads are used, past the wear warning, it will reach this point causing metal on metal rub with your rim. This is NOT good. What could have been a $15 pad replacement 6 months ago, has now turned into a $90 wheel replacement. Scenarios like this is common with bikes that have not been serviced for prolonged periods of time. What could be a simple service if approached early, can easily turn into a costly mistake.

What to Expect in a Service

We offer three main service packages tailored to your bike's needs:

Tuning Service ($59, approx. 45 mins):

Ideal for bikes used occasionally. Includes gear adjustments, brake tweaks, chain oiling, and more.

General Service ($109, approx. 90 mins):

Complete Deep Clean Service ($279, approx. 4 hours):

Read more on what is included above here.

And yes, we also offer custom services!

Convenience at Your Doorstep

One of the features that make us stand out is our pick-up and drop-off service. Book a time, and we’ll handle the transportation of your bike for you. No more worrying about fitting your bike into your busy schedule.

Locations where we offer pickup / drop-off services include Werribee, Point Cook, Hoppers Crossing, Truganina, Williams Landing, Tarneit, Tarneit West, Mambourin, Wyndhamvale.

Locations where Supatan Bikes Co. offers pickup / drop-off services. Areas include Werribee, Point Cook, Hoppers Crossing, Truganina, Williams Landing, Tarneit, Tarneit West, Mambourin, Wyndhamvale and more
Zones where we offer pickup / drop-off services.

As of October 2023;

Zone 1 (Green):

$17 pickup / drop offs

Zone 2 (Dark Purple):

Zone 3 (Pinkish / Purplish):

Quality Guaranteed

We source our parts from reputable suppliers, ensuring that you get nothing but the best. If any issue arises within two weeks of your service, bring your bike back, and we'll sort it out for free.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise: Our full-time staff has a wealth of experience and can service all types of cycles, wheelchairs, and even unicycles!

Tailor-Made Services: We adjust our services according to your riding conditions. If you often ride in rain or dirt, we've got you covered.

Community-Focused: We’ve partnered with the Wyndham City Council to provide free community events. We aim to educate and serve the community whenever possible.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from our happy customers:

Google Review for Supatan Bikes Co.

Google Review for Supatan Bikes Co.

Google Review for Supatan Bikes Co.

Read more reviews on our google business here.

How to Book a Service?

It’s simple—either book online or give us a call. Our transparent pricing is available in our booking system.

Don’t let wear and tear grind your gears. Keep your bike in peak condition by scheduling a service with Supatan Bikes Co. today. After all, a well-maintained bike is a happy bike!

Ready to get started?

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